November 29, 2011

on turning 40...

the problem with getting older is not so much the getting older part, it's the awareness of it.  It's hard to believe that I'm now officially "middle-aged"... when did this happen? I used to think that forty was so old. 

I didn't feel any different when I turned forty than when I turned thirty, except of course physically.  I am finding out that I have muscles and nerves in places that I never thought about.  Doing anything new physically almost always results in injury or pain that I've never experienced before.  I've also noticed that I am less and less patient with rude, inconsiderate people when it never used to bother me while in my twenties.  I guess this is what it means when you get older.

Sometimes when I look back I feel like i've accomplished little in my forty years and maybe it's time to do something epic.  Midlife crisis maybe? Then I realize that I have a beautiful wife, an adorable son, and a happy family life.  Everything is not perfect, and I am not exactly when I thought I would be.  In a perfect world I would be making a lot more money and a lot further in my career path. 

Despite my disdain for turning forty, I'm however looking forward to the day that I don't have to help my son to the potty... here's to turning the new thirty and hoping that this decade will be spectacular!