October 7, 2010

yoga: the new sin

saw an article today that southern baptist leader Albert Mohler is calling for Christians to avoid yoga because it is incompatible with the teachings of Jesus.  Mohler argues that Christians who practice yoga "must either deny the reality of what yoga represents or fail to see the contradictions between their Christian commitments and their embrace of yoga."

that's right Christians, it is sinful to embrace yoga and "stretch" your body and mind.  "Stretching" your mind to have any peace, tranquility, enlightenment, and individual thoughts goes against the will of God (and your pastor).  It must be purchased through the properly appointed, lawful agents of God.  So hand over your wallets or burn in hell and purgatory for your sins.

this is yet another reason why I move further and further away from organized religion.  It never seizes to amaze me how religious leaders want to dictate morality to the populous.  Most of these religious leaders' stance on issues are all about power in order to have control over their constituents for their own selfish gains.


  1. James, I'm saddened by this post because you allowed one skewed self-righteous "Christian" to influence your decision to explore Christianity and the amazing life of Jesus Christ. I am a Christian and I love doing Yoga as a form of exercise. When I consistently followed my Yoga DVD for 2 years every morning, I was in the best shape I've ever been in, and one of my happiest times because I felt great about myself. God has not punished me for doing Yoga as part of my exercise routine, and He will not punish me for it. It only matters if you're doing Yoga in the form of "worshipping" another god, which I am not.

    Every time I hear a religious leader making statements like this, or that stupid Pastor who wanted to burn the Qaran on 9/11, I think to myself, "Oh no! Please do NOT do/say stupid things like this! This is not right in the eyes of God and you will only push non-believers away further."

    So, I ask that you do not stereotype us Christians just because some lunatic said something stupid. As the Chinese saying goes, "A rat's dropping spoiled the entire porridge." I'm sure you understand.

  2. Joy, I am glad you are open minded with regard to Christianity and what faith is suppose to bring to someone's life. I am just tired of all the intolerant viewpoints and stance by the heads of these institutions. Issues on abortion birth-control just to name a couple. and don't get me started on the political agendas of the Christian right... I am sure you understand :)

  3. Of course I do, but those are the very few (and the loudest, the most obnoxious), so I don't think you should listen to them or allow their viewpoints to effect you. I know I don't. No one has the right to impose judgment on the other because we are all sinners in God's eyes - this is one of Jesus' teachings. Those who condemn others are just as guilty as the ones they condemn. So whenever I hear these stupid stuff, I just tune them out because I know they are bigger sinners than the ones they accuse.

    I just simply ask that you do not think that ALL Christians are like that, that's all.